Why in the world would I want to live in a GREEN Home?


A lot of confusion is still in place as to what a GREEN Home is and if building or remodeling sustainably makes good economic sense. We are no longer forced to live in geodesic domes or earthshelters to achieve maximum environmental responsibility. Choices abound.


If you would like to live in a home that:

  • Is beautiful inside and out
  • Is designed for maximum comfort and healthy living
  • Uses less energy and natural resources
  • Has reduced utility bills or in some cases none at all
  • Costs less to maintain
  • Offers cash back for living wisely through rebates and tax credits


Then perhaps a further look into the many Green Home options is worth a bit of time.


First lets define just a few green-speak terms to help you as you explore this topic further.

GREEN A blanket term for all things (supposedly) having minimal environmental impact

Greenwash A term used to expose claims of GREEN that turn out not to be true Unfortunately there is a lot of this around on all levels.

High Performance This term refers to systems that exceed standard codes or regulations by at least 30%.

IAQ Indoor Air Quality (Including Filtration, Heat Recovery, Ventilation and Exhaust)

Recycled Materials- There are 2 major contributors Post Consumer and Post Industrial Waste

Renewable A system that renews itself (ieHarvested Lumber or Straw Solar/Wind Energy)

Sustainable A system that can perform on its own with few additional outside resources (ie..Eco-system, Living Home)

System In Green-speak a System refers to ALL the associated components that MAKE the System (ie Walls,Windows,Doors,Roof,Water,Utilities.etc.. = Residential Dwelling Unit)


In response to the need for healthy energy efficient homes the USGBC (US Green Build Council) launched the LEED-H (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) for Homes program to address the needs of homeowners and further reduce the impact of inefficient designs on the environment. Many other parts of the country also have their own specialized versions of GREEN but the LEED-H standard is a national standard accepted in all 50 states. The LEED Certification Standards range from Certified to Platinum with each level requiring a deeper level of commitment and attention. Often there is NO COST difference between Silver,Gold and Platinum.


The USGBC has tested and Accredited many Professionals with the designation LEED AP to help guide the process. It is encouraged that at least one LEED AP be used on each project to ensure compliance and guidance throughout the process. The use of 3rd party verification is also encouraged and adds very little in the way of costs to the project.  Your broker has a list of Accredited Professionals for you to choose from.




The following document lists a number of frequently asked questions:



This site offers guidance and in depth information before you build or buy:



This site gives a good outline of financial incentives available to homeowners:



Earth ship Green   Sustainable    Alternative building    Wind power  Energy efficient  Off grid  Solar voltaics Water catchment  Recycled material  Rastra block  Eco friendly


Living Green, Building Sustainable, Thinking Toward The Future

Green takes on many faces.  Solar energy, passive & active, re-cycled materials, off-the-grid, sustainable. It's about being friendly with your environment and being pro-active in thinking about the future. 


Taos can claim itself the Solar Capital of the Southwest with 360 days of sunshine, where the radio station is solar powered, as well as the Internet provider with solar wireless connection.  Taos is a place where ecological sustainability has made the news since Mike Reynolds introduced his first beer can house and earth ship.  The original adobe mud hacienda built centuries ago were made from the earth with thick walls keeping cool in summer and warm in winter. When I first came to Taos in 1979 I lived in a part rammed earth , tire and beer can house built by Mike Reynolds. It was one of his first and was written up in National Geographic. Found objects recycled tires cans bottles even a Colman gas can top for a door handle.... True to its word it was quite efficient! Today Mike Reynolds' dream of sustainable living has evolved to sophisticated solar systems and complete luxury! See my featured listing Greener on the other side. Surround yourself with indoor gardens, views, artistic design and state of the  art solar systems.
 Today most Taos homes built utilize some type of passive solar, sustainable, energy efficient building material. Green is a must for our future. Call me for a  list of Green builders and contractors experiences with alternative building and solar systems.

Taos is the capital! we offer many properties the contain  alternative  building materials wind and solar power. this  site will continue to provide you  with links to off  grid  and  green building in cluding all listing that are green. this  listing is off grid luxury inc solar voltaic, wind turbine, solar gain gray water and catchment. you can live off grid in style and comfort! Yes it  is  greener on the other side!!! this listing is west of Taos  in a sustainable community. 20 acres.
4 more 20 acre lots at 28,500.
Call me for  more  information!
lGREEN LOANS, systems and more...

The system sizing is based on electricity consumption...The nat'l average is 10,800 kwh/yr. This is about $90/month. So all of my economics and sizing data is based on consumption and matching the system to produce around 80% of this load. Net metering is the ticket that makes it all work...spinning the meter backwards during the day....consuming grid at night...spinning the meter "way back" during the summer which offsets reduced winter production. So see an example of sizing attached....

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